About Me

Hello, I’m James Welch, business owner, marketer, network scientist, web strategist and ‘SEO’ from Stoke-on-Trent/Manchester in the United Kingdom.

I have worked in the online field now for almost 10 years with many successes along the way in various markets from travel to commercial property to vehicle leasing. I have worked for some of the largest, most famous companies in the world and also created – and since left – my own online marketing agency. I have also written books and created some of the most innovative SEO tools, used by hundreds of thousands of SEOs and site owners.

While most of my work in the past three years has concentrated on network science, and defeating/gaming networks of various types, I traditionally was/am a very good online marketeer, with lauded success over a number of years.

My approach is somewhat different to many ‘SEO’s’ that you may have heard of and consists of a less mechanical approach that most others would apply.  Of course, I am very proficient in technical elements of SEO coding, having been a programmer and developer in the past, but, in my opinion, this has very, very little to do with making a website a success.

My typical approach to make a company successful in its field covers network strategies, giving strategies, content strategies, social media strategies, architectural strategies, conversion strategies among others.

I’m currently 37 having been born in 1976 from humble beginnings and enjoy football (especially Stoke City FC) and playing the occasional game of FIFA on my XBox.