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I was shown a great service recently by Gareth Burton, a fellow entrepreneur from Manchester.  It’s called and its absolutely amazing.

Created by SoundView, the service does one thing only, but does it extremely well.  It creates summaries of a plethora of really useful business books that entrepreneurs would love to read if they just had the time.  And not random books that you have never heard of, but best-selling business books from now and years gone by.

I had bought ‘The Thank You Economy‘ around a year ago, downloaded it to my Kindle and never got around to reading it as other books came out in the meantime.  In less than 30 minutes this morning, I effectively read the book (well, the best, most important bits), and got everything that I needed to know.

Being the enthusiastic reader that I am, I’m sure that I will be reading at least another two books today from the service, and many over the coming weeks.

If you are an entrepreneur reading this post, then you need to get the service immediately in my opinion.  If you are not an entrepreneur, but have aspirations to become a great leader in the future, the same applies.

The service costs $199 per year.  The cost didn’t deter me at all.  I instantly saw the value in the service and i would have probably paid another $100 if truth be told.

Well, what are you waiting for?

*P.S. I forgot to add that there is a great app, too.  So you can be travelling along in the car listening to book summaries – brilliant addition.

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