My top 15 twitter tips for business users

I have, over the past few months of 2013, wanted to improve my twitter profile and Klout score as a business user.  I have so far improved my Klout score from 47 to 57 in a matter of weeks. Here are my twitter tips for business users and my guide to get more followers.


Klout score chart for JamesWelch_net

Klout may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it helps me to see how I have moved from a boring, average twitter user into someone that actually has a lot to offer and say to my business community.

I have discovered several things in that time and even written my own twitter,buffer and LinkedIn software called fabric (will be public soon) to take advantage of the reams of brilliant news that exists out there on that internet.

Here are my tips to improve your Klout score in 2014 and to have a better, more engaging twitter account:

*Note: To be candid, I have added a score out of 10 for how well I commit to each of these points. Even I am not perfect ;)

  1. You NEED a head and shoulders photo for your profile image. Do it now. Not with your wife and kids or on a balcony in your Bermuda shorts, just your head and your shoulders. 10/10
  2. Make your profile state exactly who you are and how you can help the viewer. 9/10
    My Twitter ProfileAs you can see from my own profile picture, both points 1 and 2 are implemented.  My tag line may be long, but it leaves no uncertainty in terms of how I can help anyone that views the profile.
  3. Link to your company website – simple, but many people still forget to do this. This is crucial for business users that want to be taken seriously. 10/10
  4. Always be polite and gracious.  Thank people for retweeting your posts or favouriting your tweets. Always reply to those that have spent the time to message you. Don’t get angry on Twitter, it doesn’t work in the long run. 8/10
    Unless you are prepared to be polite and gracious when using twitter as a business user, you should not read any of the points below.
  5. Become part of the fabric in your business locality and/or industry by sharing content from trusted publications within it.  This helps you to become a ‘thought leader’ in your space. People genuinely think that you have spent the time to read an article and therefore are now an expert in that subject.  They trust you more with each article you share on the topic.  8/10
  6. Use RSS reader software (such as feedly or Flipboard), or read trusted news sources daily to help you to curate a list of great stories that people you wish to influence have probably not read yet. Then share them via twitter. 11/10
  7. Part of becoming part of your industry fabric is to stay on message for most of your tweets.  Be funny and create friends by all means, but don’t post several tweets per day about your gardening hobby if you are trying to influence financial directors. 7/10
  8. People love tips relating to their work, but not ones that they have seen a hundred times before. 4/10
  9. People love quotes relating to their work, but not ones that they have seen a hundred times before. 3/10
  10. Ask people to retweet your messages.  If you are a good sharer of information and have gained some friends, some will do it without reading your message – simply because you have been a great twitter user so far. 10/10
  11. When sharing news items from your industry, or tips, or quotes, ensure that you engage people by directly using their @twitter name.  I have found that including two to five @usernames in a tweet dramatically improves the number of interactions that I get.  People usually feel a buzz in their pocket, or hear a bell ring when you @mention them, don’t they? So do it more often.  They like it.   Here is a recent, example tweet of mine:

    RT this: What Business Schools Don’t Teach Students But Should  @dougrichard @ForexZany@maxgaet

    As you can see, I  asked people to retweet (‘RT this:’) a great article that entrepreneurs would probably appreciate.  Along with the headline and the URL, I have also included three twitter users that I feel would benefit from reading the story.  And just because those three people are mentioned in the tweet doesn’t mean that other people who see my feed cannot see it.  Many, many times, the posts that I tweet out are favourited, retweeted or replied to by people that have not been mentioned in the original tweet. 10/10

  12. Recommend other twitter users that you follow.  Although I tend to stay away from ‘Follow Friday’ (#ff) messages, I do occasionally call people out for being great twitter users.  This is something that people enjoy to read about themselves and keeps you in their thoughts.  Be descriptive in your tweet about the other person.


    A great guy whether on twitter or in real life is @GC_Headhunter  #niceguy #headhunter 

    This tweet refers to Gary Chaplin, a  recruitment ‘Head Hunter’ in the North West of the United kingdom – and great guy.However, by my own admission, I don’t do point 12 half as much as I should. 🙁 1/10

  13. Experts LOVE to be asked questions about subject matters that they know well.  So ask them things!  They love it, remember, and replies should be plentiful. 3/10
  14. Create lists of people that you respect.  Do this during the working day, so that they are made aware of it in their timelines and can respond if necessary. 1/10
  15. Be regular with your tweets.  Since I started to tweet less sporadically, I have noticed that the community is more aware of me and interactions have improved somewhat. 8/10

So, there is my top 15 tips to improve your twitter account, get more followers and become part of the fabric of the community that you wish to take part in.

Here are a couple of graphs from followerwonk that show how my account is improving in terms of additional followers over the past 60 days:

followerwonk pie stats


I hope you found this post useful and make some of these changes that improve your account.

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