Networking book complete and published to kindle

Myself and some of the Online Ventures gang (namely Sara, Aurora, Mark, Sian and Matt) took it upon ourselves recently to write a short but extremely helpful book for the Amazon Kindle platform.

Entitled, ‘Dominate Business Networks In Your City’ (buy it here if you like), the book covers such topics as networking events, network science, the art of giving and the main character of the Channel 4 TV show, Derek.

We initially wanted to perform the extremely difficult task of creating a book from start to finish in one week flat.  How naive we were!  Whilst most of the content was created by each member of the team in record time, editing proved to be a nightmare of epic proportions for myself.

If I had written the book alone, I would have known how to reference other sections of the book in a much more regimented fashion, but with multiple authors, this goes through the window.  This is through no fault of anyone – but now I know why authors live a lonely life!

So, after around one week of writing by members of the team, and a few monthsof editing by myself, as well as proofreading by Mark Enright and Aurora Johnson, the book was finally published a few days ago.

While I am very proud of it on a number of levels, it is by no means the perfect example of my own brain, or the brains of my team.  In fact, I saw at least three errors in it yesterday when I re-read it for the millionth time.  However, for £3.13, there has very rarely been a more frugal way for people to have as much information about ‘growth hacking’ your way into a business network.

Those people that know of my work, especially over the past few years, know the amazing results that I have had with these methods.  They work.  It just takes some hard work to acheive them.

So, while the book is phenomenally good value and something that I am extremely proud of, I think the next time that I will stick to writing one myself, or maybe just one other co-author.

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