The curious case of the normal but amazing Rionne Williams

If you were to ask me the main reason why I get out of bed in the morning, it would be to help young people that, for whatever reason, were not lucky enough to have a mainstream, ‘normal’ education – school, college, university. This is almost always because of an unstable home life with a dodgy parent or two.

That certainly was the case for myself growing up and so I have always made it my aim that when I spot others that come across my path (and it is always easy to spot them), that this would be my way to repay the gift of life that I was given.

Despite the horrific start that I had as a human being, an angel in the form of a man called Samuel Bromley thwarted away the evil and held the future open just enough for me to scrape through. I was extremely bruised and mentally affected, and for many years, while being forever grateful to the man, wished that he had just let me be, let the mundane life I was born in to swallow me up just like it has to many of my friends and family. Silly me.

So when I get the chance to ‘fix someone’, steer someone in the right direction, I have to admit, I go in with both feet, unabashed, and willing, fully, to get exploited, upset, stressed, frustrated, happy, euphoric and every other emotion that you can think of. I want to do for my ‘victim’ that Samuel Bromley did for me. It is all worth it and despite having to have a personality that ranges from embarrassing dad to uber geek to get the point across, I give my all to the cause, willing to suffer being anything from annoying to oppressing in the meantime.

This is not a role that endears you in a ‘cool’ way with the person that you are helping – not until they get the reason why you are doing it anyway ;)

One such person in my life has been Rionne Williams and I am writing what you are reading now for a number of reasons. One reason is for her, to say an enormous thank you for her being in my life for a short time. Another reason is for her family members, so that they know how well she is thought of by people who she works with and just how really talented she really is. As much as you love and are proud of her, her talent is much greater than even you think.

Another reason I am writing this is for her detractors. The people that write passive aggressive comments about her on facebook and twitter, and gossip about her at house parties where she once lived, or network meetings in the city. The people that are so insanely jealous of her that it boils over into acidic sentences online in the time that they should be feeding their children or creating a future for themselves. Some of you are reading this right now…

Whether they are people with skin deep, stymied lives that she grew up with who cannot stomach that she has done better than them at life, or people in the same industry as her that do not have the zeitgeist, gravitas or talent that she has. And in this instance I’m talking about 24yr old female social media managers to 50yr old male has-been journalists. They are one and the same. They want what she has got, but don’t have it.

What makes someone hate Rionne Williams?
It’s not personal interactions. You won’t meet a more gracious person in conversation. I have seen her deal with ignorance, rudeness with the greatest amount of dignity and graciousness, and as I am writing this sentence, I cannot think of anyone in my life that deals with it better. So it’s not that.

Is it how pretty she is? Rionne and I have a running joke that she is ‘a bit of a scrag end’, but most males and females seem to think that she is pretty so I have to assume that she is, based purely on the comments and male reactions that I have seen. For the record, I don’t see it, but each to their own :)

So, she is undoubtedly pretty, and gracious in conversation…maybe a picture is starting to build? That’s already a formidable ‘opponent’ if you are in the same circles as her socially or business-wise and have your own insecurities, as most do. Pretty women that are actually nice don’t half upset people, I have found. We so desperately want them to be bitches as it will make us feel better if they are.

So, let’s add talent to the mix. This is my favourite part of Rionne Williams. Much like her own mentee, Lauren ‘Agent’ Dale, the beauty of her talent is that those without talent are blind to it. It keeps them awake at night in baths of their own jealous acid, wondering why influential people hold her in such high regard.

Rionne Williams at twenty three has held the board of major european companies in the palm of her hand for hours on end. She has spoken and educated hundreds of people in meetings and presentations. She has influenced how companies operate. She has directly affected the careers and bank balances of people she has encountered. There are companies, departments, products and employees that now exist because of the things that her brain has made her mouth say. She has also mentored many apprentices and staff that Online Ventures has had through its doors. I am doing her a great disservice by limiting the list there.

Did I also tell you that she understands something called ‘network science’ better than most people in the world? Not Harpurhey, not Manchester, not the UK, but the world. You may not want to know what it is, no problem. The joke is on you. It will be vital in the next part of her life, but more about that later.

So, beauty, graciousness, and talent…that would make me feel bad if I was in her circles and had major insecurities. It would eat me alive, like it does with her detractors. At this point, I think that detractors is probably too good a phrase to use.

You see, detractors, here is the secret. There are a few laws that Rionne Williams simply knows and operates better than you. This is the difference between you and her. These laws are the reason that you write about her online while she is working hard or enjoying the fruits of her hard work. It makes her better than you (Says who? Says me) and I’m even going to list them for you.

The law of value. Rionne gives more to people than you do. She gives more than she receives from others. What she finds pleasure in doing, you cover with your arms and head, like you did with textbooks at school. You are so missing out.

The law of compensation. She has a good job, good people around her, and a joyous life because she serves more people than you do and she serves them well. She doesn’t hang around in the same, ‘Clueless-esque’ groups as she did when she was 18 or only spends time with other sad old journalists that hate business. You do.

The law of influence. She puts other people first. This is why people trust her and listen to what she says with admiration. You don’t. This is why people don’t trust or listen to what you have to say. Other than those people that listened to you about crocs when you were 14.

The law of authenticity. She is as authentic a person (underneath the tan and weave – some things stay with you from adolescence) as you will meet. You are not authentic. You cannot be because you don’t adhere to the other laws.

and finally…the law of receptivity. She learns. Daily. You don’t. You stopped some while ago. The reason that I know this, is that you wouldn’t have the time to comment if you were still learning. Learning more would help you on the road to understanding that you are not in the same league as Rionne (for now). My hope for you is that one day you can become as good a person. Nothing would make me happier, to be honest.

I have never been a fan of the phrase that someone is a better person than another, as I believe that all humans have the capability to be as nice as each other. However, I can only use the words and actions that I see in front of me to make judgements of those who would say bad things about Rionne.

The truth, from these eyes, is that I see a talented, pretty (forget looks, I mean in nature), hard working, funny, gracious, giving person. I have never seen her take advantage of another person, only the opposite.

So, to you detractors, who think that she has abandoned you and your small, ‘scum’ (your words, not mine), conceited, life of regular house parties, get togethers to celebrate the release of someone from prison, and 9am-5pm monotonous jobs that you hate, she hasn’t. You just got swallowed up in the past, in mediocrity, in frivolous arguments about nike trainers, waistlines and who should or should not turn up to parties. You have regressed, she’s just normal. She is the product or normality plus hard work. Nothing more.

And you know what, I am scummier than all of you (check out my past)…so I can say what I am going to say next with full conviction. You hate normal. You can’t stand it. It kills you. You are not brave enough to be normal, you just can’t hack it. You are failures at doing what life put in front of you, so you create the fake world that you are in. You will still be moaning about how the boss has asked you to empty loads of boxes in the stockroom when you are 50 (if you are working). Because you couldn’t do what Rionne did – work hard, and be normal.

Rionne is far too classy to react to you, but I am not, and unashamedly so. I can feel your jealousy seeping through my screen and when I hear it in the gossip around town. It is a byproduct of her talent, beauty and graciousness, as stated before.

Her dreams coming true of having talent, a happy relationship, and the freedom to travel also crush the dreams of the insecure around her too, it seems. And so the anger released by those people is a reflection of their own hatred of their own situation. Rionne is merely what they could have had.

If you want to vent your anger, please bring it my way. You didn’t meet someone like me and thats why you should really be upset. I reset Rionne, put her on the path to where she is now. I saw what you were doing to her, how you were holding back what you deep-down knew – that she was better than you and abundant of talent. You were so incredulous that you would have never let her true self escape, so that you could feel better. As mentioned previously, its killing you to watch her blossom right now. You never wanted it to happen.

I knew that you were scum. That you had nothing to offer other than a life of mediocrity, so I changed the course of history by doing nothing more than giving her confidence in the right areas.

But enough about you, this is about Rionne Williams. The gracious, beautiful, talented Rionne Williams and her most fascinating future. Fascinating in the fact that she can choose immeasurable paths because of the work she has done in the past two years. She well may choose a 2-up, 2-down life in the end, but it will be her choice that she has earned. She could as easily achieve the life of a marketing director in Australia if she wanted to, or the life of a businesswoman in the USA.

And my final point, she is choosing, bravely, to reset once again to travel the world with her partner, Curtis. I cannot tell you how much admiration I have for this. And I can’t tell you how much it has upset all of those detractors that, atop of all the other things that they envy and are jealous of Rionne about, found incredulous that she could give up the things that make them jealous in the first place. To explore a whole new life fills them with envy of the deepest green. Once again, they will be kept up night, wondering just what life experience that Rionne will be having while they are catching the bus on Rochdale Road.

All I can say is good luck Rionne and I will look forward with immense pleasure to what decisions that you make in life, with all of those options in front of you.

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