Will history repeat itself?

Several years ago, I joined Just Search.  I had numerous offers on the table for more money, and was indeed working for a company that paid me almost double what I took as a salary from Just Search.  I knew it was the correct decision – I felt it in my bones.  Within 9 months, the company, with my technical assistance, alongside the already formidable business nous and stewardship of Paul Yates, went from doing good business to doing great business.

Something was in the air, we created the right products, and to be frank, with just a few key people such as myself (in a tech capacity), Paul, Justin Yates, Paul Cheetham  and a bunch of 18-23 year old kids, we took the industry by storm and sold for lots of money, as most people are aware.

Now…why am I saying this?  I get the feeling that the same thing is about to happen again with Online Ventures.  I’m letting myself open here, I know.  I have set myself this task of reacting to and living up to this feeling.  I will refer back to this post in 9 months time.

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